Inserts & Insert Printing

An insert is a paper sheet that fits inside a card blank or wallet, and has the text printed on to it.  It should be a fraction smaller than the card it is glued into to allow a small border of card around the edge of the insert.  For plain folded card blanks a standard insert would be folded in half and fixed down the middle of the card to create a left and right hand page.  For gatefold card blanks the insert would be smaller and just glue onto the back of the card.

We have a large selection of inserts ready prepared to fit all of our card blanks and wallets.  To select the right sized insert just choose your card or wallet type from the left hand menu and a variety of correctly sized inserts will be selected for you.

If you want inserts of a different size cutting, or standard inserts cut from paper not listed here then you can order plain A4 paper from our Card & Paper section, and then add Custom Cutting.  We'll then prepare your bespoke inserts for you.

For those crafters uncertain about printing their own inserts we also offer an Insert Printing Service.

If you have any questions then please get in touch.