Attaching small embellishments

July, 28th 2009

What's the best way to attach fiddly embellishments like flowers and wire hearts?

wire hearts

To attach flowers we recommend either PVA, a water based glue which will dry to create a strong bond, or Mini Glue Dots which are instant and just as strong. Place either of these adhesives on the back of the flower head and behind a bow if you have one on the stem, this will hide the glue out of sight. Then place onto the card. If you are using PVA glue leave the card lying flat to dry without fiddling with the embellishment.

For Wire Hearts Glue dots will not be suitable, instead attach with PVA Craft Glue, using a cocktail stick to dab small amounts along the length of the wire. Leave to dry lying flat without moving the heart, the glue will dry clear and will be almost invisible.


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