Cheque Book Style Wedding Invitation

August, 3rd 2009


   The cheque book style is a lovely way to include all your wedding information into a single, stylish invite.

The covers:

You will need a front and back cover. (available pre cut from The Wedding Crafter on-line shop). The front cover is scored 3cm in from the left for easy opening. If you are cutting your own from A4 card, they should measure 21cm wide by 9.5cm tall - this way you will get 3 pieces from an A4 sheet.

The inserts:

Inserts should measure 20cm wide by 9cm tall. These are available pre-cut from The Wedding Crafter, but make sure your printer is able to cope with paper this size. Alternatively print onto A4 and cut to size. Click on the links to the left for templates.

Before you set up your inserts, decide which information you would like to include and how it will be organised. The great advantage of the cheque book style is that you can include as many inserts as you wish. Here are some things you may wish to include as well as the invitation:

  • Map with directions to the venue
  • Menu options
  • Dress code
  • Gift list details
  • Local accommodation options

Once you have set out your information print your inserts ready to assemble your invitation.

Off-setting your inserts

It's a really nice effect if you can layer your inserts so the guests can see at a glance what is on each page - see the A4 template for details.


Now for the fun part - deciding how to decorate your invitations. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Tie with ribbon - use a hole punch to punch 2 holes in the left side thread your ribbon through the layers and tie in a bow. Or wrap the ribbon right around the left spine.
  • Brads - use 2 or 3 down the left side
  • Add 2 corner peel-offs to the left side
  • Glue a strip of decorative paper to the left side
  • Add some small punched hearts and gems onto the front cover

Assembling the Invitation

Starting with the back cover, use a glue stick, adhesive tape pen or double sided sticky tape down the left side of each layer and attach together.

If you are using ribbon for your decoration, punch the holes before you glue together - we recommend you do still use glue so that the pages stay in place neatly.

If you are using brads you do not need glue.

Add your chosen decoration to finish.