Closing a wallet invitation

November, 17th 2009


With a wallet invitation, it's a good idea to use some kind of fastening to keep the flap closed and ensure that everything stays in its proper place.

There are 3 main options:

  • use a hook and loop (velcro) type fastener on the flap
  • incorporate a band into your design which slips off the card so it can be opened
  • tie with ribbon

Here are some examples:



In this example a decorative panel has been placed over the flap of the wallet.


 wallet wedding invitation with buckle


To add the fastening, stick the hook and loop dots together while keeping them on their backing paper. Remove one from its back and stick to the underside of the flap. Now remove the backing from the other dot and close the flap - the hook and loop fastening will be perfectly aligned.


Decorative Band

This can be from paper, card or ribbon and can include embellishments as well.

Measure right around the wallet and add around 1cm extra for the overlap - your band needs to be tight enough to stay in place but not so firm that your guests can't slip it off (you don't want them to have to cut it!). Secure the ends together with adhesive - use the adhesive tape pen for paper or satin ribbon. For card it's best to use double sided sticky tape or PVA glue and for organza ribbon, use PVA glue and make sure it is dry before placing round your wallet.

The first example uses square edged organza ribbon with a white feather and silver glitter butterfly.


 winter wallet style wedding invitation


This next example uses a band made from bronze spider's web paper simply finished with an ivory padded satin heart.


wedding invitation wallet with bronze band and heart



With ribbon you have the choice of leaving it loose like a band so your guest can slip it off or attaching it to the back so that it needs to be untied.  If you want to attach your ribbon, then use a thin strip of adhesive (tape pen works well) down the back of the wallet.  Tie a bow or a knot to finish.

Top Tip: If you are tying a bow do it with the card upside down - the bow will look neater when you turn it back the right way and adjust the ends.  In this example we used 23mm double sided satin ribbon in burgundy with a simple knot bow. To notch the ends, fold the ribbon in half and cut from the inside to the edges.


wallet invitation with burgundy ribbon


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