Concertina Wedding Memory Album

July, 31st 2009


The front cover

From The Wedding Crafter you will need:

  • 5 Card blanks 144mm Square, Cream
  • 1 A4 Matching Cream Card
  • 2 A4 Flower Embossed Paper Black/Gold
  • 3 A4 Black Card
  • 2m 15mm Black Satin Ribbon
  • Rhinestone Ribbon Buckle - Heart
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Adhesive Runner
  • Glue Stick

You will also need

  • Photos printed small (ours are about 10x8cm)

Using Double sided tape attach the 5 cards back to back to form a concertina. When opened to face you it will zigzag and have 6 pages. This is the insert for your book.

To form your book covers, cut two squares of black card to 147mm, slightly bigger than the blank cards. Cut two 144mm squares of Flower Paper to cover the front and back of the book leaving a border. Adhere with the glue stick. Cut a third square of flower paper 70mm across and a black card square 76mm across. Layer these and attach to the front cover using double sided sticky tape.

Cut two pieces of ribbon 20cm long. Thread the ribbon buckle slide onto one of them. Using the adhesive tape runner draw a line of glue across the back cover and attach the ribbon, wrapping the ends behind and securing with tape. Do the same with the front cover making sure the buckle is placed in the centre of the smaller square of paper.

Cut the second sheet of Flower paper into strips about three or four cm wide. I used the width of my ruler to measure and cut these so I knew they would all be the same. Attach with glue stick along the full length of the book pages making sure you fold and unfold your book as you go to ensure it still opens and closes.

Run the adhesive tape runner along the middle of the strip of paper and place the ribbon onto it, fold round the ends of the book insert and tape in place.

If necessary trim your photos, then mat and layer them onto black card leaving a small border. Cut four 7cm squares from cream card and mat these onto black card too. Attach your photos to the decorated side of the insert, attach the blank cards to the middle four squares on the plain side. These are journalling panels for you to record your memories.

Using Double sided tape attach the covers to the blank pages at each end of the insert. Your Memory book can be displayed open on a mantelpiece or carried around to show friends and family.

Try making a Memory Book for your hen night photo's, to record dress shopping or to thank family members who helped make your day run smoothly. You can change the size, the number of pages and colours to suit your theme.    

Photos are mounted onto a slightly larger piece of card to give a border (known as matting!)


The reverse pages are blank for you to add your own thoughts or notes (journalling) or use for extra photos.



The completed album