Creating an information pack to go with your invitations

An information pack is a great way to give your guests all the information they need about your wedding. Firstly decide what information you want to include; You may want to consider a map, directions, menu, dress code, gift list, nearby hotels, a plan of the day and perhaps things to do in the area if you have guests staying to enjoy your wedding venue for longer.

Type this information into a Word Processing document and decide how many pages you will need. This will depend on the style and size of invitation you have chosen and how much information you want to include. Ask someone to read this through for you before you start printing to make sure it is easy to understand and has all the information your guests will need.

A chequebook style invitation or a gatefold card with a flat insert can have extra pages added to it so that the information is all contained within the invitation. Print the extra pages at the same time as your invitation insert and attach in the same way.



A pocket invitation can have additional card inserts for the extra information. Make them in the same colours and papers as the original insert and place alongside the invitation card. A wallet style invitation is very flexible and can hold a separate removable information booklet or a single flat card, depending on how many pages you need.



For a larger information pack, consider making a booklet in the same way as you would make an Order of Service. You can embellish it to match the rest of your stationery. This would work well if you have a traditional invitation card and have lots of information you want your guests to have. Simply include your information pack with your invitation when you post them out.

However you choose to present the information to your guests you will be glad to have the days and weeks before your wedding making the final arrangements, instead of answering your guests questions about where to stay, when to arrive and what to wear!


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