Creative Inserts

July, 28th 2009


The insert of an invitation is often seen as only the functional part of the card where information is communicated, but it's also worth bearing in mind that inserts can be beautiful whilst remaining practical. Thoughtfully added design touches in the inside of your card will give your invitations added professional flair and can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. We will look at different ways you can embellish your inserts and how to achieve an expert, elegant result.

Inserts do not have to be the same colour as the card itself, contrasting colours and speciality papers can be used very effectively. Vellum or pearl papers can add a little extra glamour to a simple design. Creative text techniques can also be used inside your invitation.


 insert border


Edit your templates and experiment with the placing of the words, leaving gaps in the text where you can place an embellishment. Try this with peel-offs, bows, crystals or any other non bulky embellishment. Avoid using three-dimensional paper flowers inside a folded card and keep them for the design on the front instead.

Punches are a useful tool for decorating inserts. Try shaping corners and adding punched shapes in rows, pairs or singly. Experiment with punching pearl or mulberry paper shapes in a colour that matches or complements your design. You could also punch a hole through your insert paper and place an embellishment onto the card behind so it sits in a small window; this would look particularly effective with matching shapes. Try punching a heart and adding a heart gem to the card behind the aperture for instance, or a circle with a flat flower behind, the combinations and options are endless.


 inserts heart diamonte


For flat or gatefold invitations layering unfolded flat inserts is very effective. This is a great way of including lots of information in the invitation whilst keeping a streamlined design. Print inserts for accommodation, directions, menu, gift list, and any extra information, varying the lengths of each page if you wish. If you wish to decorate the inserts when creating a design like this make sure you use only the flattest of embellishments to avoid bulk. Secure the layers to the card at the top or side with brads or by punching holes and tying with decorative cord or ribbon.


 inserts multiple gatefolds


However you choose to embellish your inserts, make sure that the design has an element of continuity inside and out and your guests are sure to be wowed by your creativity when they receive your unique invitations.