Funky, Colourful Order of Service

June, 26th 2009



If you want to make a real statement and traditional isn't your style, then bold use of colour is one way to really make your mark with your stationery.
This order of service combines acid green with fuchsia pink for a vibrant look particularly suited for a summer wedding.

The key to combining colours is to look for complimentary shades - colours which are at opposite sides of the colour wheel, such as Red/Green, Blue/Orange, Yellow/Purple. You can find out more about using colour here.


To make this you will need:

  • A5 textured white card blank
  • Vita paper in acid green
  • 23mm double sided satin ribbon in fuchsia pink
  • inserts
  • computer and colour printer (inkjets are best for printing on card)
  • adhesive tape pen
  • Glue dots

Firstly print the text onto the card blank. You can use this template with Microsoft Word. Amend the text - you can also change the colour and the font. We used Vivaldi font which is readily available to download free if you don't have it.

Cut a strip of the Vita paper 6cm wide and 17cm long. Attach to the front of the card using the adhesive tape pen - one edge should be level with the outer edge of the card. Fold the excess round to the back of the card and stick down.

Cut a length of ribbon approx 30cm long. Run the adhesive tape pen across the middle of the vita paper strip and attach the ribbon, leaving approx 2cm excess at the folded (left) edge. Turn this edge over to the back and stick down using the tape pen. Repeat on the right hand edge, turning the remaining ribbon in towards the centre of the inside of the card. You can use a shorter piece on the inside but by taking it almost to the centre, the edge will be mostly hidden by the insert when the card is opened.

Make a shoebuckle bow and attach to the ribbon as shown using a glue dot. For instructions on how to make a shoebuckle bow click here

Print your inserts and attach in the centre of your card.