Glue Dots

July, 28th 2009

Glue dots are little blobs of very sticky glue which come in sheets sandwiched between 2 sheets of liner film. Simply remove one piece of film, press the dot onto the first surface, remove the second film and attach the item pressing down firmly.

Glue dots form a strong bond and are a very quick way to attach embellishments. They can also be used to stick die cuts, paper backgrounds and other lightweight items onto cards.

They are not suitable for the very smallest embellishments or wire hearts where the glue dot is not completely covered. This is because, unlike PVA glue, they remain sticky and do not dry hard.

Most are acid and lignin free so are suitable for attaching photographs.

One slight problem a few people have found is that they can melt slightly in a hot environment - for example if a card is placed above a radiator or fire. So if you are making orders of service or table settings for a wedding in a hot country, they may not be the best option - we have unfortunately been unable to field test this!


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