Handmade Paper Envelope

July, 31st 2009

handmade paper env    This invitation consists of a single sheet of printed card with a handmade paper envelope tied with ribbon.

1. Use a word processing program to print your wording onto your card. We used ivory pearlescent card here. Each invitation should be A6 size so you will be able to print 4 per A4 sheet of card.

2. You can print the wording to look either gold or silver by setting the font colours. To do this you need to define the font colour by its RGB colour codes. In Microsoft Word, from the menu bar choose format, then font. Click on the drop down box for font colour and select "More colours". The click on the "Custom" tab. Select RGB as your colour model, then type in the following codes into the boxes for Red, Green & Blue:

For silver: Red = 151 Green = 151 Blue = 149

For gold: Red = 205 Green = 151 Blue = 0

3. Trim the end of an A4 sheet of handmade paper so that you have a piece 21cm x 24cm

4. Place your card on the wrong side of the handmade paper. The side flaps should both be 3cm wide, the top flap about 8cm and the bottom flap about 5cm.

5. With a ruler and the back of a pair of scissors or a blunt knife, gently score the handmade paper round the edges of the card so that it will fold smoothly.

6. Trim the ends of each corner of the handmade paper diagonally as shown in the top picture to reduce the bulkiness, and fold the paper round the card in the order: sides - bottom - top.

7. Tie a ribbon round the envelope to secure and finish your card.