How do I keep craft punches sharp and stop them sticking?

July, 28th 2009

As a first step in reviving a blunt punch I would recommend punching through normal kitchen tinfoil, always try this first, and do it several times if necessary. If this is not sufficient then try punching through very fine sandpaper. It is important it is very fine as larger pieces of grit will scratch the cutting mechanisms rather than sharpen them.

If you find your punch sticking, try punching through wax paper, the kind you would use for baking. If you don't have wax paper you can make your own; take a candle, rub it over a sheet of standard copy paper and punch through this. The wax will allow the plates to glide past each other effortlessly.

For best results sharpen or wax your punches as soon as you notice they have blunted or are sticking.


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