How do I stop ribbon from fraying?

July, 28th 2009


Firstly, and perhaps most simply, try cutting the end of your ribbon on a diagonal or trimming a v shape into it. This will reduce most fraying to the minimum and is perfect for when the ribbon will not be handled.

Alternatively, you can also treat the cut edge to stop any future fraying. Using a brush or cotton bud, take a small amount of craft glue and carefully apply sparingly to the whole of the cut edge. You can also try this with clear nail polish. Both of these will dry clear and seal the fibres, but make sure you test the ribbon you are using first, as some glues show up more on certain types of ribbon. You can also try products such as Fray Check and Fray Block which work in a similar way.

Another option, when using synthetic ribbons, is to heat the end in a flame. This should only be done with the utmost care and with good ventilation. Using a candle pass the ribbon end near to the side of the flame. It will take practice to apply enough heat to melt the edge without burning the delicate material. Try this near a sink full of water so if the ribbon does catch fire you can put it out quickly!