How to ensure items are perfectly positioned on your card

July, 28th 2009


To place your embellishments accurately a cutting mat with a printed grid is a very useful. If you don't have a mat you can download a sheet of squared paper from the net and print it, it will do exactly the same job Try a web search for graph paper. Place the card on the mat lined up with the grid and use the squares as a guide for placement. Make sure there are the same number of squares on each side of a centrally placed item, or use the squares to make sure a band of ribbon is the same height each side of a card.

Always check the positioning before adding adhesive to the item, then once you have added your glue, or removed the backing from your double sided tape, hold the item with your fingertips over the place you want to put it, looking from directly above. Only firmly push the item into place when you are sure it's correct.

If you are not completely sure if something is well positioned, try looking at your card in a mirror. This will show up any imbalance in your design.