I have downloaded a font to use on my invitations, how do I get the font to appear in Word?

July, 28th 2009


There are loads of free fonts on the internet and to use them you need to install them on your pc. Some websites compress their font files so they download more quickly, in which case once you have your font you may need to unzip it. Think of it a bit like opening an envelope so you can read the letter inside. There are several free Unzipping programs that can do this, try www.download.com or a google search and follow the instructions that come with the program. Once your font is unzipped, save it on your desktop and you are ready to install.

Go to the Start Menu and open the Control Panel, then the Fonts folder. Drag and drop the font from your desktop into the Fonts folder to install it. When you reopen Word you will find the new font available to use alongside all the ones you had previously.