Including multiple pages in an Order of Service

July, 28th 2009


When you are preparing your order of service, you may find you need several pages. If you are having a catholic nuptial mass, then your mass booklet will almost certainly require them.


Choosing your card type and size

Remember that an order of service must be:

  • legible - use a large enough font so that people can read the words clearly. This is particularly important if you are asking couples to share.
  • easy to manage - the pages should turn easily and stay in place

The most popular format for the outside of an order of service is an A5 singlefold card. Smaller card sizes can work for civil ceremonies or if you have chosen short hymns, but for a full church ceremony, the larger size works best. Inserts for A5 singlefold cards are folded and placed inside the card to make a booklet - one insert will give you 4 sides of paper on which you can print.


Setting up the pages

Using Microsoft Word, Publisher or similar, start to pull together the information you want to include. Word has the option to set the page as a multiple page booklet. Go into Page Setup and set the options like this:


Once you have collected all your content, organise it into pages and work out how many sides you will need. Now work out how it will fit into your booklet. If you have 2, 3 or 4 sides, then you will need 1 insert. 5-8 sides will be 2 inserts and so on.

If you have less pages than the maximum, decide which sides will be blanks. Usually this will be the side against the outer at the back if you need 1 blank page plus the very first page if you need 2 blanks.

If it works out at 5 (or 9) sides, then you need to re-arrange - it just won't look right with 5 printed sides and 3 blank sides. Either compact into 4 sides or expand into 6 sides.

Now you have your pages decided, you need to organise them so that they print in the right order. If your printer has a duplex setting then you can print both sides at the same time. If not you will need to print one side, then pass the paper through again to print the second side. You will probably need to run a few test versions to get it right - use cheap printer paper for this.

Make sure you give a proof to your vicar or priest to approve before you go ahead and print.


Assembling your booklet

There are several ways to attach the pages in your booklet.

1. Use a long reach stapler (hide with ribbon or cord tied around the spine).

2. Pierce 2 holes in the spine with a thick needle and thread narrow cord or ribbon through. Tie in a neat bow on the outside.

3. Run a VERY thin line of PVA glue along the inside of the spine using a cocktail stick or similar. Stick the folded pages in (one at a time - allow to dry before you add the second insert) making sure the sides don't get stuck to any excess glue. Its a good idea to also add ribbon tied around the spine for this method - just in case any pages come loose.

If you are using more than 2 inserts, you may want to trim the inner pages slightly so that they sit level once folded inside your booklet.