Inserts - Using Special Papers

July, 28th 2009


While many people choose a plain paper insert to co-ordinate with their card, there are a wide range of specialist papers you can also use to great effect.

What types of papers can you use?

  • Vellum (translucent paper) is ideal for inserts and gives a really luxurious feel. This is available in clear plus various colours, irridescent and printed styles.
  • Pearlescent Paper also great for inserts. Note that some pearlescent papers are plain on the reverse so are not suitable if you want to print on both sides - for example in an order of service.
  • Mulberry paper is quite thin and although you can print on it, it is usually considered a little too flimsy for inserts. However, if you are looking for a very delicate look it is an option to try.
  • Handmade paper is generally too thick for use as an insert in a folded card. If you like handmade papers, why not use these as the outer with a paper insert?

Printing on special papers

With all special papers, it is a good idea to check a sample first on the printer you intend to use. Most will have no difficulty, but there can be problems with ink smudging and paper feed with some models.

Ink will take longer to dry than on normal printer paper so if you are having problems with smudging we recommend:

  • First, change your print settings to "draft" or as low a setting as gives satisfactory results. This reduces the amount of ink.
  • Second, remove each sheet as it prints - don't let them stack up on the printer - and leave until the ink is completely dry