Matting and Layering

July, 20th 2009


Hmmm, matting and layering, sounds a bit weird but its actually a really useful technique loved by many cardmakers and scrapbookers.

All it means is building layers of contrasting and/or complimentary materials to really show off embellishments or a photo - its a bit like framing a picture.

For example, lets say you want to use a single red rosebud on your invitation. If you stick this straight onto the card it can look a little lost.


Matting - no layers

If you place a rectangle of gold pearlescent paper behind it, it starts to look better.


Matting - one layer

Add a cream corrugated card rectangle on top of the gold paper so there is a small margin around it and you get a really effective look.


Matting - 2 layers

When choosing your materials you should mix colours and textures to add interest - but don't go too far. Stick to 1 or 2 colours plus neutrals like white and cream. You can also use different edges, such as torn mulberry paper or cut card squares using fancy-edges scissors.

Layering makes a huge difference to photographs. Choose 2 or 3 layers and if possible include a colour that matches an element from the photo. The easiest way to do this is to stick the photo to the first piece of card, leaving about a 1cm margin all round. Use a paper trimmer to trim the margin to approx 0.5cm all round. Stick this onto the next layer of card and trim in the same way - repeat a third time if required.