Order of Service - How to Make

For a normal Order of Service you will need one A5 card blank and one pre-cut insert to create a booklet with two pages inside. Print your wording onto the insert and fold it in half. It will now sit neatly inside the card cover like the pages of a hardback book. Next open your card cover and place a strip of double sided tape just to the left of the crease. Once you have decorated the front you can now attach your printed insert creating your booklet.

To attach multiple pages I recommend using a hole punch to make two small holes through all the layers of paper about an inch from the top and bottom of the card. You can then tie the booklet together with matching ribbon or cord. You can either let the ends hang long on the outside or tie them in a bow. This is also a lovely way to attach your pages if you are using a translucent paper like vellum for your inserts where glue or tape may show.

Another option is to use a long reach stapler but some people find this unsightly. If you're good with a needle and thread you could also sew the pages together which will be almost invisible.

A final note of caution... make sure you get someone else to carefully proof read your text before you set them to print!


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