Peel-offs - getting your words straight

July, 23rd 2009

Peel-off lettering can give you a really professional look at a very reasonable price but they do have to be straight. Wonky peel-offs just won't do.

The best technique we have found for peel-offs is to use tweezers, a post-it note, and a ruler.

Use the ruler to work out where the words need to go - mark the post-it note so that you can place it in the correct position on every card and place the word(s) in the correct place. Lift the peel-off from the backing with the tweezers (it will stretch a bit, but will spring back). Some people like to remove the whole of the surround first, leaving the words on the backing.


Wedding text peel-offs


Place carefully in position on the card - you can adjust the letters to get them straight and in the right place - remove the post-it, then press down. If it does go wrong, you can usually lift them off the card again with the tweezers. If you have more than one word, place each word before removing the post-it.


 Wedding Invitation with peel-offs


Some people use a pin or craft knife instead of tweezers, but I like the latter. Fingers are hopeless as the peel-offs just stick to you instead of the card.

There is, of course, a cheat's option - but it only works for single words line "Invitation": place your peel-off across a corner where any slight wonkiness just looks like part of the design!