Place Settings - traditional tent-fold placecards

July, 28th 2009


For a traditional wedding reception it is important to have a seating plan with the guests name on a placecard at their seat.

A tent-fold place card is the classic way to do this - in this article we will show you some ideas for creating these. In a future article we will look at some alternative ideas such as favours with name tags.

How to write the names onto your cards

If you are lucky enough to have great handwriting, then you can write the names directly onto your place cards.

However, most of us will need to use a printer! You will probably find that pre-scored place cards are too small to go through your printer so you can either

  • print directly onto A4 card then cut and fold this to form your place cards - see below for instructions and template, or
  • print the names onto paper, card or vellum, cut out and stick onto pre-scored cards

 placecard 1


Decorating your cards

Its best to keep it simple with place cards - there isn't much space and you probably have lots of other things to do!

Remember that the backs of the cards are also on display so it is worthwhile carrying your design onto the reverse of the card if possible.

Our suggestions:

Cover the back and top with decorative paper and tie a narrow ribbon over the join



Place a strip of printed vellum down one side



 Add a tiny calla lily, curving the stem across the bottom



Printing onto A4 card

Here is a template for creating 8 place cards from a sheet of A4 card using Microsoft Word.

You should cut along the solid grey borders and crease along the perforated borders. For the best results (i) use a paper trimmer or guillotine to cut out your cards and (ii) score along the crease line with a bone folder if you have one, or use a non-serrated blunt knife, like a palette knife.

If you want larger size cards, then increase the size of the rows and/or columns within the table.