Planning and Timings for Making your Wedding Stationery

Traditionally, invitations are sent out 6 - 8 weeks before the wedding. With today's busy lifestyles its a good idea to aim for at least 8 weeks for all but the most informal weddings.

Once you have decided on the date you want to send your invitations, make an estimate of the time you will need to make and prepare your stationery. Things to consider include:

  • How many invitations are you sending?
  • Will you be printing the guests names on the invitations/inserts/envelopes or handwriting them?
  • Are your family/friends/fiance(e) helping or do you have to do it all yourself?
  • How long does it take to make each invite? Can you save time by setting up a mini production line? Remember to allow for drying time if you are using PVA glue for any stage.

Now double your estimate!

Thing's don't always go to plan and if you have some contingency, you will not get stressed if your friends drop out of a crafting session, you need to order extra supplies or (fingers crossed) you have the chance of a romantic weekend away.

Next decide if you will be tackling everything in a few sessions or trying to do a little every other evening/weekend. You can then work out how long before your posting date you need to get started. Make sure you order your supplies well in advance of this date.

Its a good idea to schedule your crafting sessions into your diary and try to stick to them - but if this sounds too much like being a control freak, don't worry. But DO be disciplined with yourself and be sure you make the time or you will be left with a last minute panic.

Here is a sample schedule for creating our white calla lily kit design using a number of short sessions:

  • Session 1 - Print "Wedding Invitation" onto each card using PC and printer
  • While watching TV in the evening - Curl all the calla lily stems
  • Session 2 - Attach mesh onto the invites
  • Session 3 - Stick lilies onto dried mesh
  • Session 4 - Glue bows to lily stems
  • Session 5 (one week before posting) - Finalise guest list and print inserts
  • Session 6 - Attach inserts, address envelopes and send.


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