Printing wording onto your cards

July, 20th 2009


Many people choose to use foil printed cards or peel-offs  to add "Wedding Invitation" or similar wording to their cards, but you can also use a PC and printer to print these directly.

This is particulary useful if you have a specific font or colour your want to use.

Most cards will go through an inkjet or laserjet printer with no problems, but it is worth doing a test run just to make sure.

If you have Microsoft Publisher, there are a number of greetings card templates you can adapt.

If you are using Microsoft Word use the Page Set-up function. Here is how we set up a Wedding Invitation template for an A6 size invitation:

Go into File - Page Set-up

Select the Margin tab and set Orientation = Landscape and Pages: Multiple Pages = Bookfold


 Printing wedding invitation onto cards


Select the Paper tab and choose Paper Size = A5

Click OK, then in the document insert a page break (as you need to set the text on the right hand page of your booklet). Press Enter several times to take the cursor to the foot of the page, then type in your text. Adjust the font, font colour and alignment as required.


 Printing wedding invitation onto cards-2

Some ideas you might like to try:

  • adjust the character spacing on the font so there is a bit more space between each letter (there is an option for this in Word under Format: Font).
  • black print can look harsh - try a dark grey font colour to soften it a little.