Saving Money on Your Wedding Stationery

July, 20th 2009


Making your own wedding stationery gives you control over your spending and allows you to have great looking stationery on even the tightest of budgets. Cheap wedding invites can still look fantastic - and there is no need to tell your guests how little they cost.

Use decorative papers and your own PC and printer to create invites at minimum cost. Petal papers are great for a summer wedding.

If you like handcrafted cards, you can save a considerable amount by making your own rather than buying from a professional designer. Many of these designers started in business because they did their own wedding stationery and enjoyed it so much they wanted to carry on - so you too can achieve professional results with just a little care and attention to detail. But remember that you will need to allow plenty of time to make up your cards.

Others choose DIY stationery so they can use luxury materials without paying top of the range designer prices.

As with any other aspect of your wedding, set a budget and work to it. The great thing about DIY stationery is that it is easy to make adjustments. Here are our top cost cutting tips:

  • Print "Wedding Invitation" directly onto the card instead of using peel-offs.

  • If you have lots of cards to make, invest in a card scorer and buy unfolded card to score and fold yourself.

  • Leave out RSVP cards - many people will reply by phone or email anyway and a fair few will need to be chased whether you include cards or not!

  • Simplify your design rather than compromise on the quality of the card or papers you use - you should look for at least 240 gsm card.

  • Check the cost of postage - in the UK bulky cards will cost more to post as they won't fit into the letter category.


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