Tearing Mulberry and Handmade Papers

July, 20th 2009


Mulberry and handmade papers often look more effective with a torn rather than a cut edge. With mulberry paper in particular you get an attractive "fluffy" edge which is great as a background for embellishments such as flowers and wire hearts.

Torn mulberry paper with wire hearts

The easiest way to tear paper is to wet it first - the fibres will then pull apart.

 Use a paintbrush dipped in water to draw along where you want to tear, leave a few seconds and then tear gently. If there are particularly thick fibres you may need to snip these with scissors.

If you need lots of shapes exactly the same size for your wedding stationery, then create a template to draw around. Acetate is ideal for this, but a piece of scrap card is fine - although you may need to replace it every so often as it gets wet!

Allow your torn paper to dry fully before you attach it to your card.