Tearing Mulberry Paper- Getting the edges straight

July, 28th 2009

When I'm tearing mulberry paper with water I don't get the neat shape I'm looking for, help!?

Mulberry paper is a light tissue type paper with different sized fibres embedded. To tear mulberry paper with water you use a paintbrush and water to draw the line you want to tear. This weakens the paper and will mean it's more likely to tear there than anywhere else on the sheet. You then ease the two pieces apart gently. If you use too much water it will not tear neatly. Try using a smaller brush and less water, if you are getting a wobbly edge that you don't want, use a ruler to paint the water line.

Mulberry paper has larger fibres embedded into it, adding to its handmade charm. When you are tearing a line marked in water and come across a bigger fibre that doesn't want to give, try and hold it each side while you pull the pieces apart. If it will not come apart add a dab of water to the thicker fibre and try again. If it still doesn't work snip the fibre with scissors and carry on tearing along your water line as normal.