Traditional Order of Service

July, 31st 2009


order of service    

If you are having a traditional church wedding it is usual to have an order of service (anglican church) or mass booklet (catholic church) so that your guests can follow the ceremony.

This design for the cover incorporates your marriage details and its simplicity reflects the dignity of the occasion.

You will need:

  • A5 foil printed card blank in white textured card
  • white printer paper
  • silver pearlescent card
  • medium lilac satin bows
  • Glue stick or adhesive tape pen
  • Very small glue dots or PVA glue

Using MS Word or similar word processing software, create a table of 3 columns and 2 rows. Set the column width to 5.5cm and the row height to 9cm. Set the cell border colour to a very pale grey.

Type your required text into the first table cell leaving a gap at the top. When you are happy with the layout, copy the text to the other cells in the table. Print onto your printer paper.

Using a guillotine or paper trimmer (or sharp scissors and a steady hand!) cut out each of the text panels along the cell borders.

Attach to the silver pearlescent card with a glue stick or tape pen and trim the card leaving a border of approx 3mm around the printed panel.

Glue the panel to the A5 card blank and attach a bow above the text to finish.

Your cards are now finished ready to add your insert(s) with the ceremony details. You can find more information about orders of service here:

Order of Service-what to include

Order of service-how to make