Using Ribbon Buckles

July, 28th 2009


Ribbon buckles make a lovely sophisticated embellishment for your stationery - especially if they are made with top quality sparkly rhinestones.

They can be quite heavy so you should attach them firmly to your card.

If you are using 15mm satin ribbon, this is straightforward: Place a line of double sided sticky tape or adhesive tape pen where you want the ribbon to be. Thread your buckle onto the ribbon and place the buckle in the correct position (you can attach a glue dot behind the buckle for extra strength). Carefully press down the ribbon onto the adhesive making sure it is straight. Tuck the ends behind the card, neaten the edges and stick down with sticky tape as before.


 ivory black buckle sm


If you are using narrow or organza ribbon then you will not be able to stick down the ribbon itself on the front of your card. Use a glue dot or PVA glue to attach the threaded buckle firmly in position. The take the ends of the ribbon round to the back of your card and use a thin line of PVA glue to secure it.

Another option is to mount your ribbon and buckle onto a separate piece of card and then mount this using double sided sticky tape onto the main card. Using this method, you can secure the ribbon on the back of the piece of card and the ends will be hidden.


 ribbon buckle organza