Using Vellum

Vellum is the term generally used for translucent craft or parchment paper. Traditionally vellum was made from animal skins and used for important manuscripts - modern paper vellum is manufactured from more mundane sources and is suitable for vegetarians!

Vellums come in a range of colours and finishes and their translucent effect gives a luxurious looking finish for wedding stationery. Here are just a few ideas for incorporating vellum in your stationery:



On an unfolded card, attach a skeleton leaf or rubber stamp and emboss an image. Print your invitation wording onto a piece of clear vellum, slightly smaller than the large card. Lay the vellum over the card, punch 2 holes and thread ribbon through them.




Wrap vellum around any plain invitation card and finish with ribbon for a simple, but very effective look. Here we have used an unfolded square 144mm card and wrapped irridescent gold vellum around it to give a gatefold style. Tie with 23mm double sided cream ribbon - easy!



Punched shapes

Vellum works really well with craft punches and produces lovely, delicate shapes. Here we have punched daisies in silver and rose pink, layered them (using a spot of PVA glue) and added a diamonte in the centre.




Try using vellum as an insert for a smart, sophisticated look - although you may need to adjust your printer settings to avoid smudging. See our article on how to do this

For attaching vellum inserts, the adhesive tape pen is best as it doesn't show through the paper.



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