Wedding Invitation Inserts - an overview

July, 20th 2009


For most special occasion stationery an insert is used - this is simply a piece of paper on which the details are printed and which is then inserted inside the card. It gives a more professional look than printing directly onto the card.

Apart from looking better, an insert has the advantage that it can be added at the last minute. So you can make up your invitation cards well in advance and just print and add the inserts before sending when the final details and guestlist are confirmed.

A plain white or cream paper is usually used for inserts, but vellum (translucent paper) is also popular as are coloured pearlescent papers. The paper should be good quality, but not too heavy as thick paper can make the card too bulky. 100gsm is an ideal weight for insert paper. If using a special paper, it’s a good idea to test it through your printer to make sure the ink doesn’t smudge - there are steps you can take to prevent this and we will cover these in a future article