Wedding Stationery Etiquette - Order of Service

If you are getting married in church then it is usual to provide an Order of Service (or Mass Booklet in the Roman Catholic church) to help your guests follow the ceremony.

For a civil ceremony, it is not required but is helpful for your guests and provides a lovely memento of your day. In this case it is usually called Order of the Day and we will look at this in our next article. 


Before you start

Discuss the requirements with your minister/vicar/priest as early as possible - some have very strict rules while others are more relaxed.


What to include

It is usual to include the following:

Your names, wedding date and the name of the church
The music to be played before, during and after
Full words of the hymns to be sung
The titles of the readings and the reader's name
The order within the service of prayers, the marriage vows and signing of the register

If you are having a full catholic mass it is usual to print out the full wording.

You may also want to add:

Names of the full bridal party
Full words for the readings


How Many?

Ideally you should provide one for each guest (plus the minister) although you can get away with one between two if your budget is tight.



Always get a proof copy approved by your minister/vicar/priest before you print. We know of at least one bride who had to reprint everything after it turned out the hymn she copied from the internet had a verse in the wrong order!

For help on making your order of service click here


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