Wedding Stationery Etiquette - RSVP - Cards

RSVP cards are a fairly recent development - traditionally your guests would use their own stationery or purchase a card when replying to a wedding invitation. 

Today, it is common to include a reply card with wedding invitations and they can be a great help in your wedding organisation. A reply card makes it easy for your guests to respond and you are more likely to get acceptances/declines in good time. They can also help with menu selections and other options. 

However, they are not essential and if your budget is tight then this is one area where you can compromise without offending anyone! 

The actual RSVP details (address or other contact information, reply by date) should be included on the invitation itself. See our pre-printed RSVP inserts

There is usually no need to include RSVP cards with evening invitations unless you require exact numbers - providing an email address or phone number is sufficient.


What do I include on an RSVP card? 

On the reply card you should include a space for the guests to write their names, a place to indicate if they will/will not attend and the total number of guests. You can also include other details like meal options.


Do I include a return envelope & stamp

It's usual to include a stamped addressed envelope with your RSVP card so all your guest has to do is fill in the card and pop it in the post box. Although it is not essential, some guests may feel offended if a reply card is included but the envelope does not have a stamp.

Today, many couples prefer guests to RSVP on-line, either by email or through their wedding website. If you have provided an on-line method for replies, then you can leave off the stamp.

You can also omit the stamp for guests living abroad.


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