Wedding Stationery Etiquette - Thank You Cards

There is really only one golden rule for Thank You cards - if someone has been kind enough to send you a wedding gift, you must send them a Thank You card.

Writing your cards can seem a chore, so follow these tips to make it easy without upsetting your nearest and dearest:



Traditionally wedding thank you notes should be sent within 2 weeks of receiving the gift or 1 month after the wedding. If you are going on honeymoon for 3 weeks this may be impractical but they should be sent as soon as possible.

Our tip: start writing your thank yous as soon as you start receiving gifts. If you have got some out of the way before the wedding, you will be much less stressed afterwards.

If you are behind schedule, don't give up - it is better to send cards late than not at all.


Make it Personal

Sending out Thank You cards with a standard pre-printed wording is not acceptable.

Thank You notes should be handwritten and should mention the actual gift received.

They don't need to be very long and the tone can be informal compared to most wedding stationery, but they should be personal and reflect your appreciation of the gift and the sender.


Be Organised

Make sure you make a note of each gift received and the sender as it arrives (or you are notified by your gift list holder). An excel spreadsheet is ideal for this and you can then mark off each thank you as it is sent.

Thanking someone for the wrong gift is worse than not thanking them!


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