What Other Items Can I Craft for my Wedding?

As you are making your own invitations for your big day there are several other items you may want to think about crafting. First is a Save the Date, which is sent out well in advance to allow your guests to plan ahead. Usually a single flat card with basic details on, it can be in the style of your invitations or something completely different. Remember to keep a list of everyone who you have sent a Save the Date to as they will expect to be invited after being asked to keep the date free!

We have projects for favours and also for an Order of Service or Order of the Day, adapt these designs to suit your colours and theme, keeping to similar items as used in your invitations for a cohesive finish.

RSVP cards can be included with the invitations and are a useful way of reminding your guests to reply. They can be very simple, just a panel of text layered on card or paper that matches your invitation colours or you may wish to embellish them.

Menus are sometimes sent out in advance if you are allowing your guests a choice. In this case you may wish to make them yourself in a style which complements the rest of your wedding stationery and ask people to detail their choices on the RSVP.

If you have set dishes you may wish to have Menus on the tables, allow approximately one menu for 8 people. In order to make a freestanding Menu, fold a piece of A4 card in three and attach the edges together to make a triangular stand, add a printed panel to each side and embellish. Alternatively your venue may provide holders in which case borrow one and make them to fit.

A Table Plan it is extremely helpful for your guests to easily find out where they are sitting and you will find full instructions in the Projects section. Adapt the design to suit your style and theme, changing the colours and embellishments as you wish to match your invitations. If your venue has more than one wedding reception on the same day you may also wish to make signs with your names on, again in the same colours and style so your guests know where to go.

Table numbers can be made simply by printing onto card and decorating, your venue may have holders but check. Place cards will tell each guest exactly where their seat is and are normally small rectangles of card tent folded so they stand up on their own. Names can be computer printed or handwritten and an embellishment or a small piece of decorative paper from your original design is all they need to be very stylish and finish off your beautifully set tables.

Finally, Thank You cards are very important, adjust the text on your invitation design and you will have a perfectly coordinated card to show your gratitude. Remember to make extras for unexpected gifts given by people who aren't necessarily coming to the wedding.


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