Which size cards for wedding stationery

July, 20th 2009


Which size card should you choose for your stationery?

There is no definitive answer - it's very much down to personal choice - but there are a few pointers to bear in mind.


1. Choose your envelopes first

Its usually no problem if you are going for a plain cream or white envelope and a standard size card, but if you want something a little more unusual, then check that you can get the envelopes you want in the right size before deciding on your card. It is relatively easy to cut a singlefold card card to fit an unusual size envelope, but envelopes are not so easy to make yourself and unusual envelopes tend to come in a small range of sizes.


2. I can't tell my A5s from my C6s - help

Most people will recognise A4 as the size of paper you put in your printer. A5 is half the size of A4 and A6 half of A5 and so on. Card blanks are usually described in the same way. Remember that the size for card blanks refers to the FOLDED dimensions. An A5 card blank will be made from an A4 piece of card folded in half. For envelopes you need the corresponding C size - so a C6 envelope goes with an A6 card. The envelopes will be slightly larger all round.


3. Some items require more space than others

Most people choose a larger size card for an Order of Service so that there will be plenty of space for printing hymns and/or readings without using a tiny font size or lots of pages - A5 is the most common size.

If you are including RSVP cards, you should normally make these smaller than the invitation as you will need to fit the card (and reply envelope) into the main envelope. Or use an unfolded piece of card the same size.



4. Our suggestions

  • Wedding Invitation - Square 144 x 144 or Tall
  • Evening Invitation - A6
  • RSVP - Small square
  • Order of Service - A5
  • Menu - Tall
  • Thank You - Small square


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