Window Wallet wedding invitation

July, 31st 2009

window wallet 1 A window wallet combines classic simplicity with the scope for some really original touches. Here we have used spring colours for a fresh look, but this design is easily adaptable to any colour scheme.
You will need:
  • Square 130x130 window wallet with Insert
  • Matching Pearl card
  • A4 Gold Pearl card
  • Vita Paper Acid Green
  • Handmade Paper Light Olive
  • Mini gemstone hearts - silver
  • 10mm Apple Green Organza Ribbon
  • Double Sided Tape/ Glue Stick
  • Craft Glue
 window wallet 2 Print Insert text on the White Pearl Card that matches the pocket. Trim to about 8.5cm square. Layer onto gold card that is slightly bigger and stick down, then attach to insert.

Cut another square of the White Pearl Card to 4.5cm square, layer onto gold card that is slightly bigger, making sure the square is smaller than the window in the pocket.

Cut small squares of the gold card, green printed paper and green handmade paper, ours are 1.2cm, and glue in a mosaic pattern. Use Craft Glue to adhere silver hearts to finish the design. Once dry attach the decorated square to the insert, lining it up so it can be seen through the window of the pocket.

Loop a piece of Organza Ribbon through the hole in the insert so it can easily be removed by the recipient.

Consider changing the papers to match your colour scheme, using brads in place of gems or punching small hearts instead of using squares to make the design individual to you.