With this Ring Wedding Invitation

August, 14th 2009


with this ring  


 Printing Template




















From The Wedding Crafter you will need:

  • A6 Linen Card Blank & Insert
  • Gold Pearlescent Card
  • Burgundy Mulberry Paper
  • Burgundy Handmade Paper
  • Burgundy 15mm Satin Ribbon
  • Burgundy 3mm Satin Ribbon
  • Gold Rings
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Glue Stick
  • Printing Template

You will also need water and a small brush, you can use a make up brush or you can buy one from Art shops for about a pound.

1. Using the Template print the text on the front of your card. The font shown in the picture is an elegant font, Blackjack, which you can download free here. http://www.typadelic.com/blackjack.html

2. To attach the wider ribbon to the card, lay a strip of double sided tape all the way across the card about 3.5cm from the top and peel off the protective layer. Hold the ribbon taught in both hands and lay onto the tape. This will make the ribbon lie straight and flat. Fold the ribbon inside the card and attach the ends in the same way across the inside the card for a neat finish.

3. Cut a 3cm square of Burgundy Handmade Paper, and a 3.5cm of gold pearlescent card. Stick the burgundy square onto the gold square using Double Sided tape leaving an even border of gold.

4. Link two gold rings by gently bending them open sideways and then closing them in the same way. Tie 3mm burgundy ribbon through both rings in a single knot. Wrap the ribbon tied rings round the layered burgundy and gold square and attach to the back with double sided tape.

5. Now we are going to tear the mulberry paper into 5cm squares using water. The water weakens the paper and allows you to tear along the wet line giving a beautiful fluffy edge. Using a ruler, draw a thin line of water with your brush. Make a strip 5cm wide and then using the same technique make as many squares as you need. Be gentle when tearing this delicate paper and you will get beautiful results.

6. Attach the mulberry square to the card with a glue stick and layer the ring embellishment over it.

7. You can now print your insert using the Wedding Crafter template and your beautiful invitation is finished.