Coloured Vellum Inserts for Cheque Books, Tri-Fold or Dual Fold DL (pack 10)


Pre-cut inserts from quality vellum. Choose from a range of colours and irridescent finishes. See the vellums section in card and paper for details of each option.

This paper is pre-cut to 200mm x 90mm and is designed to to fit our cheque book style, dual fold DL or tri-fold cards, and DL Heart Wallet cards.

Please note when using an inkjet printer with this paper the ink will need to be left undisturbed overnight to dry before stacking or glueing as it will take a long time to dry and may smudge.

If you aren't confident with printing these inserts then why not take advantage of our insert printing service.

Please check that your printer is able to handle paper of this small size.

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