Insert Printing Per Insert

Insert Printing Per Insert



You will need to select the number of individual inserts you require printing (this service does not come in packs of 10 as you may not need entire multiples of 10 printing and we don't want to charge you for what you don't need).  For example if you have cheque book style invitations with 4 pages of inserts then for each invite you will need to select 4 prints, as we will be printing onto 4 different pieces of paper or card. 

Don't forget to order the inserts themselves as we can only print on inserts bought on our site and the cost isn't included here. You will also need to order the set up cost as a separate item.  You can add a mail merge of your guests names separately as well if you require it.

If you only want some of your inserts foil printed then add those to your basket as a separate item so as not to pay the foil premium for all your inserts.

Once you have completed your order don't forget to e-mail us and specify any special instructions.  For example let us know the exact number of each different kind of wording and what card or paper each is printed on.  We will contact you if we require any further clarification.

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