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Incorporating a Theme into your Stationery

Having a wedding theme doesn't mean you have to go to the extremes of tying the knot whilst skydiving from a plane, or wearing football strips at the hallowed home ground. Of course if you both want to take your vows while scuba diving there's nothing to stop you, but a theme can also be used in more subtle ways.

If you love football but have more traditional wedding outfits in mind, try to think of ways of including the team colours in your stationery, flowers and decorations. You could use them as a main colour or as an accent.

Ribbons in your team colours are one way to do this:

 team theme colours

Think about naming your tables after the stands at the home ground, favourite players or cups they have won. Try unusual favours like foil covered chocolate footballs in embellished boxes instead of sugared almonds. You might also consider using team logos or motifs, but always seek permission from the club before you do this so you don't breach copyright laws.

If you are having a tropical themed or beach wedding try using sea and sand colours of yellow or gold and blues for your stationery. Match with reception decorations in the same colours, making chair bows from organza is easy to do and looks stunning. For a Las Vegas theme use lots of glitz, sparkle and feathers on your invitations and sprinkle your tables with sparkly confetti. Compliment this with Lottery ticket favours in matching mini cards and name tables after the different games.

 table plan las vagas

You could also use photos of yourselves in places you love in your stationery. These add a truly personal touch, and when used for table names, menus or place settings you can also include a few lines about where why the place is important to you. This is great fun for your guests will get the conversation flowing as well as being a lovely keepsake.

Of course themes don't have to be overtly obvious. If you love snowboarding, skiing or winter sports try using whites and silvers on invitations and menus to evoke the feeling of fluffy snow. Likewise if you first met on an autumn day you may want to conjure the same feeling with oranges, reds and browns complimented with skeleton leaves. Whichever way you use a theme in your stationery designs always match the colours through all the card and reception decorations for a really professional look.




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