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RSVP Cards

One of the commonest complaints on wedding forums is the frustration of waiting for replies from your invited guests. Including an RSVP card with your invitations is one way to encourage your guests to reply promptly and save you the stress of ringing round lots of people at the last minute to check if they are coming and how many are vegetarians (although there will always be one or two who need chasing!).

You can make your RSVP cards to match your invitations, or choose just a simple unfolded piece of card in the same style without any decoration - these can be as little as A7 (half postcard size) if you wish.

 rsvp card

If your main invitation contains bulky embellishments like flowers, its best to omit these from the RSVP unless you are using a card box to post your invites - otherwise your envelope will be a bit cramped!

If you are using a cheque book style invitation you can include an RSVP page in the cheque book.

 cheque book invite 2

For a wallet style invitation an RSVP fits nicely into the pocket

 wallet baby pink

You also need to work out the information you will need from your guests. At a minimum you need to know who the reply is from, if they are accepting or declining and how many will be attending. You may also want to know about menu choices, and its worth giving guests a date by which you need to receive their reply.

It's usual to include an addressed envelope for your RSVP - with a stamp if you are feeling generous.



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